Onstage Competition Hair/Make-Up Artist Application

Please submit this form as soon as possible and no later than the date below. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send your contact information to our contestants as an approved Hair/Make-Up Artist. You must have clients signed up prior to the pageant date to be allowed backstage.

ARKANSAS: March 31, 2023
ILLINOIS: April 28, 2023
KANSAS: May 19, 2023
MISSOURI: April 21, 2023
NEBRASKA: January 27, 2023
OKLAHOMA: February 24, 2023

Please Note: NO BUY-OUTS ARE ALLOWED. Due to space limitations, you must be willing to accept at least 4 clients.

If you are applying as a Hair/Make-Up Team, please provide the information below.

There is a $150 fee for an individual Hair/Make-Up Artisit and a $250 fee for a 2-Person Hair/Make-Up Team (plus a 3.5% handling fee). If you sign up for a 2-Person HUM Team, you will have the option of adding up to two additional artists to your team at a price of $25 each artist. This payment will cover the room, table, chair and electricity to be used before the Preliminary Competition and Final Competition.

In consideration for providing hair and/or make-up services during the State Pageant, I agree:

• To bring the equipment needed, including hairstyling products and accessories, make-up and accessories, additional mirrors and lighting needed. (We will provide you with electrical outlets, chair and workstation)

• To adhere to the designated times and locations set forth by Vanbros and Associates, Inc.

• I am not a family member of a contestant

• No one on my team is family member of a contestant

• I understand that Vanbros and Associates, Inc. has the right to approve my application.

• There are inherent risks of injury, and

• I knowingly assume those risks and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Vanbros and Associates, Inc., and the Miss USA Organization for all injuries sustained, and/or products/equipment damaged.

• If approved, I agree to pay the 3.5% handling fee, understand all fees are non-refundable, and agree not to dispute any PayPal or credit card charges prior to or following the competition.